Quality Products for the Insulation Industry

1.  Safety;


  •  Full face Air supplied respirators - one for each Crew Member
  •  Dual cartridge respirators - One for each Crew Member    
  •  Transparencies - for eye and face shield protection    
  •  Latex Gloves - or similar (powdered work best)    
  •  Tyvek type disposable suits - Box of 25    
  •  Gloves - cheap brown Jersey type work great    
  •  Eye Wash and First Aid Station (Buy the Best)    
  •  M.S.D.S. Book

2. Supplies;

  •  Duct tape - for anything you can think of
  •  Masking tape
  •  Waterless Hand Cleaner
  •  Box of Rags - for Rig, tool, and hand cleanup
  •  1.5 Mil rolls of plastic - for covering doors, windows and other related items
  •  Cardboard Baffles - 16” and 24” sizes
  •  Rosin paper - for protecting cement and garage floors
  •  55 Gallon Trash bags - for foam and trash
  •  Caulk for air sealing the thermal envelope
  •  Single Component Gun Foam - Case Lots for windows, doors, and touch up
  •  Slam Hammer + Staples 3 boxes (¼” for windows & 3/8” for cardboard)
  •  Haz.Mat. Boots
  •  Fluids for all equipment on the spray rig:
  •  Generator     Compressor
  •  Porportioner
  •  Gun grease - Low moisture type
  •  Pump lube
  •  Gun Cleaners - Mild and more aggressive types
  •  Truck - engine and transmission oils
  •  Air tool oils

3. Equipment;

  •  Baker Scaffle 28” X 6' ( 2-6’ sections = 12' tower w/safety rail) having 2-3’ tall sections and 4 extra castors and "Outriggers" adds flexibility to cathedral ceilings and stairways
  •  Roll around scaffold (2’ Wide X 4’ Long X 4’ TO 6’ High), with safety rails
  •  Aluminum Plank (Expandable to 16’ +) Works great for 2 story entries and stairways
  •  1500 w Heater (keep your materials from freezing in cold weather)
  •  Barrel Heaters (full barrel wraps are well worth the money)

4. Tools; 


  •  Socket sets - both Standard and metric    
  •  Screwdriver Set    
  •  Allen wrench Set (Both SAE and Metric)    
  •  Dental Picks for cleaning foam from gun    
  •  Batt knives - for trimming gun foam from around windows and doors    
  •  Hammer type staplers - for stapling up plastic and cardboard    
  •  Large and Small Caulk guns - for air sealing framing members in homes    
  •  Foam guns - Have 3 on board    
  •  Several Utility Knives    
  •  A variety of Twisted Brushes    
  •  Pin Vices    
  •  Bench Vice    
  •  Oiling Can (for mild Gun Cleaner)    
  •  Flush Pot (for rinsing gun prior to rebuilding)    
  •  1” to 1.5” Putty Knives good quality (for air sealing thermal envelope with caulk)    
  •  Foam saws used for open cell foam removal    
  •  Foam Knives (Hand Saws) used for open cell foam removal    
  •  Horse brushes (large & small) for closed cell foam clean up    
  •  Thermal sensing gun    
  •  Extension Cords    
  •  Meat thermometer for sensing hose heat (Push through insulated jacket to hose. add 10degrees to reading)

“The Well Stocked Foam Rig”  

The benefits of the well equipped Spray Foam Rig is;

 improved efficiency, reduced return trips to the, and increased profits! 
It is a good idea to assign one crew member to use a checklist before heading out; to be sure you have everything you need. The list below, is by no means the only things you may want on YOUR rig.
A few examples of things I recommend having on a rig include; a Microwave, bottled water, Ramen noodle soup (in sealed cups) and salt & pepper. Don’t keep so much that your employees will count on you to provide lunch, but rather consider these emergency rations for times when you are on jobs “in the middle of nowhere” or you simply don’t have time for the crew to drive into town for lunch. Wipes and toilet paper are also handy. These items help meet the personal needs of the crew.  A place for everything and everything in its place!
This will save you time, money, and aggravation.  Likewise having 3 of everything you use on your rig, including gun parts, pump seals and springs, air filters, as well as many of the items listed below.
Keep in mind that OSHA requires you to have M.S.D.S. for every fluid, caulk, and chemical you carry. (Don’t get caught without them).
A three ring binder with plastic inserts work well.  Ask your office staff to make one copy for the office, and one copy for each rig
(I used to keep several for the spray foam products on board). 
Remind them they must keep the books up to date. Make sure all crew members know where this binder is kept.  In case of emergency, you will need this information at your fingertips.