The "Boss"
6/12K Proportioner
 Built Simple, Built Tough, Built in the USA.

At a Glance;
Air Driven with 6" air motor 1:1 Ratio Pumping System 2- 6,000 Watt Pre-Heaters for 12,000 Watt Total Unequaled Fluid Delivery up to 2000 psi Electrical 240 Volt Single Phase Air Requirements 20+ cfm at 100 psi Details; The "Boss" SFE – 6/12K Proportioner is an air driven machine, with a 6” air motor.  It has a 1:1 ratio pumping system that produces equal pressure and volume to the ”A” and “B” Side. The "Extreme Duty" Pre-Heaters have a high efficiency design that produces 6,000 watts per side, for a total of 12,000 watts. The Fluid Delivery Cylinders are designed for simplicity and High Volume/High Flow. With it's bigger Pumps and Cylinders along with it's longer connecting rods; The "Boss" Proportioner will not lose pressure when you start to spray, as other machines in the market. The "Boss" Electrical system uses easily accessible 240V single phase current which allows for easy connection to "Shore Power" and eliminates the need larger generators on "Self Contained Rigs". There are NO Circuit/Mother Boards to go bad; and NO sensitive electrical devices to malfunction.  The entire electrical system was created using a "Breaker and Relay" design that allows for very easy repairs and much less cost, in the unlikely event repairs are needed. The "Boss" SFE –6/12K heating elements are much larger than competitive machines, and are capable of heating material much faster than other Proportioners. The air requirements for The "Boss" are 20+ cfm at 100 psi, which can be easily maintained with an 11 – 13hp air compressor. The Boss" SFE-6/12K Proportioner is well suited to spray up to 2000 psi. If higher pressure is required, our 6” air motor can be used. We maintain a complete inventory of parts for the SFE –6/12K and the unit comes with a 1 year warranty against Defect.  Simply built, for less upfront cost and less cost to maintain.

Quality Products for the Insulation Industry

Package Deal Includes;
6/12K Boss Proportioner
150' Low Pressure Spray Hose
1 - AP Spray Foam Gun
2 - 24" Stainless Non-Heated Whips
2 - IPM 02 Transfer Pumps
2 - 15' Fluid Transfer Hoses
2 - 15' X 1/4" Recirculating Lines


High Quality Spray Foam Equipment